Saturday, February 17, 2018

Mountaineers Are Always Fusion

Hey Ken,

I live in Clarksburg. Lawrenceville Plasma Physics. Aaron Blake of the Washington Post will answer all your questions if you want to write an article entitled "Cold Fusion was a Scam but Plasma Fusion is Hot on WeFunder."  

•Alex Weinstein
(investor in LPPFusion)

LPP Fusion: Advice You're Not Going to Take

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From: Alex Weinstein <>
Date: Sat, Feb 17, 2018 at 10:55 PM
Subject: LPP Fusion: Advice You're Not Going to Take
To:, Eric Lerner <>, Rudy Fritsch <>,,,,,

You have a couple of months left in the serious fundraising effort and it's slowing down. I doubt if you do nothing else you will get more than $750k. Anyone else see this future?

You have all the videos, pictures, etc, to set up another (if not several on different websites) DONATION crowfunding efforts like the one you did a couple years ago. The point being THEY WILL POINT PEOPLE TO THE WEFUNDER PAGE. Just note that they can either donate to the crowdfunding for "prizes" or go to the SEC approved fundraiser if they'd like to be official investors. You could do that (one person) (sign up for 2-6 donation crowdfunding campaigns (low thresholds)) in one business day and it will get the traffic going to your WeFunder not to mention to the press.

DO SOMETHING. DON'T LET THE WEFUNDER DIE before getting to the max. ANYTHING LESS is a lack of grit.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Tip: Omarosa is Trumps Double Agent

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Date: Feb 16, 2018 6:46 AM
Subject: Tip: Omarosa is Trumps Double Agent
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Dear Ashley

The following is merely an intelligent conspiracy theory. I have no evidence except critical thinking. If you use it please give (progressive radio and journalism) credit.


Did you read Omarosa's quote from Big Brother regarding Mike Pence being a (paraphrasing) religious cult loony who talks to and takes orders from Jesus? The gist was that as much as we hate Trump we are better off with him than Pence.

What if Trump and Omarosa (friends now for quite a while) planned her firing and that statement (and likely many more)? Because Trump may be an asshole and an unread moron but he's not stupid. He knows he's on the ropes a little and it may get a lot worse. So he sends his newest "enemy" Omarosa out to plant information into the public subconscious: that we might hate him BUT AT LEAST he's not Mike Pence, whom we would have of course if Trump is impeached.

This occurred to me because the thought "maybe we ARE better off with Trump than Pence" flashed through my mind after reading her quotes. I PAUSED in my Trump hatred for a minute to think of the bigger picture. And that PAUSE is what Trump the Hitler propaganda student wants to occur in our minds. Especially progressive journalists like you and me who are actively trying to get him removed. He wants us to PAUSE with our pitchforks and consider just letting him slide until 2020.

I'm the first person to propose this publicly. If it's true, Omarosa is still being paid by a Trump lawyer to be his double agent. Their relationship is too complicated and her firing too weird to be the common story. IMHO.

-Alex Weinstein
UPenn '07

Monday, February 12, 2018

Legally Finding the Line of Criminality

I'm so glad u got rid of that guy and blocked him I was a member but now I'm not he had a dirty mouth and he went on and on got on my nerves every time I turned on my phone it was notification after notification got tired

You and 2 others
Jo Hamrick I reported it.someone was going to have problems if he stayed.

Kelly Williams Yea he just about drove me nuts

Jo Hamrick He was getting real scary.but,I am pretty sure it is that Wienstien guy.who is really nuts.he runs for political office a lot.


Kelly Williams Oh my god he's back at it again

Jo Hamrick Yes.and worse than Malik.I guess I will not visit this site.

Alex Wolf Weinstein You ladie$ are commenting on thi$ about me in my group, you know that right? Your name$ have been memorized. Vote for me. ROFL.

Alex Wolf Weinstein My one comment. That'$ on the good guy$ide of the line right?